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The Sergey Chronicles, by Diann Thornley Read, tell the story of one warrior family—Admiral Lujan Ansellic Sergey, his combat-surgeon wife, Captain Darcie Dartmuth, and their teenage son, Tristan Sergey—who  become caught at the fulcrum of interstellar politics and the demands of their military duty. Wrenched apart and scattered across the galaxy by the brutalities of war, they face captivity, torture, coercion, and epic space battles in order to be reunited.

Only then do their most devastating challenges begin. Having been separated by decades of time as well as light years of distance, each of them must confront his or her internal demons to make their family truly whole again, and to defeat a new and more insidious threat to their civilization. Between deadly special operations missions and scenes of deep-cover political intrigue runs a thread that proves how much one family can accomplish with patience, forgiveness, trust, dedication, and unity of purpose.

In part, at least, Diann wrote these books because she saw the potential of children today who do not believe in themselves or anything else. She sees what the world is becoming and the terrible challenges our young people face— especially the non-Anglos.

“Do they have any inkling of how precious they are? Far too many of them don’t. It breaks my heart to know that suicide is the second leading cause of death among American Indian kids,” she writes.

In her story, the young boy/man, Tristan, and his alien “brother” speak to today’s youth through their shared adventures.  Another strong point in her writing is her authentic military experience which speaks most loudly in tales of flight training, battles, and fight scenes, delivering believable use of equipment, society, and actions taken, without becoming obtrusive, or interrupting dialogue or story flow unnecessarily.

Some readers have particularly noted her futuristic battles which were tension-filled and exciting without resorting to foul language or gratuitous action.  Several were in awe of her military knowledge; adding that to the heart and human touch of her story-telling skills, and you’re ready for an exciting read.

No less than Utah’s own Dave Wolverton (NYT best-selling author of The Courtship of Princess Leia and, as David Farland, The Runelords series) said, “In the past, when I considered important women writers of military science fiction, three names have stood out most prominently: C.J. Cherryh, Lois McMaster Bujold, and Elizabeth Moon. Now I will add Diann Thornley Read to my list. With each novel, it becomes more and more evident just how important she has become to this field.”

Book One – Ganwold’s Child

Book Two – Echoes of Issel

Book Three – Dominion’s Reach 

The Sergey Chronicles Omnibus contains all three volumes and is available for $9.99 in the Kindle edition

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Blog: “Hero Journeys”


Twitter: @DiannTRead

Diann is also on Goodreads

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P.S. To read our interview with Diann, check out our Friday’s Friends from 02-01-13


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