Thursday’s Thirteen: Where WAS Last Week’s WIP?

Easy as A, B, C . . . from HA (asides from BB)

  1. Mea culpa
  2. Not her fault, my fault
  3. (It’s always his fault)
  4. “There is no man so good, who, were he to submit all his thoughts and actions to the laws, would not deserve hanging ten times in his life.” ~ Michel de Montaigne
  5. Deserving blame
  6. Bad air–couldn’t breathe
  7. No actual progress made
  8. Trial version of Word ran out
  9. “… often time excusing of a fault doth make it worse by the excuse.” ~ William Shakespeare
  10. Bad toad, bad toad!
  11. I didn’t know it was my turn
  12. (Yes, he did)
  13. “A little folly is desirable in him that will not be guilty of stupidity.” – Michel de Montaigne

WE’LL see you day-after-tomorrow in Saturday’s Softcover

I’LL see you next Wednesday for MY Wednesday’s WIPs



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3 responses to “Thursday’s Thirteen: Where WAS Last Week’s WIP?

  1. Gee, I have the same excuses as you do.:-)

  2. Lololo!!! Hang in there, Herb!

  3. benschwensch

    Thanks, you two—he needs all the encouragement he can get! (Well, and so do I . . . )

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