Thursday’s 13: Hey, What’s the Deal?

EASY AS A, B, C . . . from BB 

  1. Each of the suits in a deck of playing cards stood for an ancient element
  2. Hearts represented water
  3. Clubs represented fire
  4. Diamonds represented earth
  5. Spades represented air
  6. The Kings of all four suits were given names of famous or mythical kings
  7. The King of Hearts was named for Charlemagne
  8. He is the only king without a moustache on a standard playing card
  9. The King of Clubs was named for Alexander the Great
  10. The King of Diamonds was named for Caesar (presumably Julius)
  11. He is the only king shown wielding an axe instead carrying a sword
  12. The King of Spades was named for King David of the Bible
  13. And that’s the “Real Deal” !

Interested in more information, or the way to tell fortunes with a normal deck of cards?  See

See you day-after-tomorrow for “Saturday’s Softcover”



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2 responses to “Thursday’s 13: Hey, What’s the Deal?

  1. Thought people might get a kick out of it—thanks for letting me know for sure!

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