Saturday’s Softcover: The Orchid House by Lucinda Riley

EASY AS A, B, C . . . from BB

I read much of the day yesterday, finishing a work suggested by one of my two book clubs: The Orchid House by Lucinda Riley.  Do you like romance?  Epics from before WWII on up to the present day?  Family sagas which (finally) tie the generations together?  Family secrets with dire consequences for subsequent generations?  You might enjoy this book

I’ve seen Orchid House compared to The House at Riverton (which I’ve never read) and Rebecca (which I have been crazy about ever since I read it years, and Years, and YEARS ago—and loved the old Olivier movie too).  I like romance, if it’s integral to a grand story.  I like family sagas, especially when they are finally all tied together, generation by generation, by generation.  I like an emotional roller coaster with plenty of both weeping and joy as long as I can feel some personal catharsis along with the heroine.

Orchid House does some of these quite well (and it’s only her debut novel— she’ll get even better):

Can’t say how it ties in with House at Riverton, but I can see shades of Rebecca in the old family manse, some of the slightly mysterious characters.  There’s plenty of romance, both real and unrequited.  The historical sweep from England to the Orient and back is fun (if you don’t mind the almost antiquated “British” style of speaking).  Of course it’s somewhat antiquated: some of it’s pre-WWII!  The convolutions of the families—upper class Brits, their servants/friends/ wartime buddies, etc.—and their inter-minglings are fun in the way they provide that roller coaster ride.  There were times the sadness (or extreme happiness) brought me to tears—especially where it touched on my own experiences.  I’ll take a little catharsis wherever I can find it!

Sadly, for me (and I NEVER try to “figure out” the mystery as I’m reading or watching whatever), I found the “twists” completely predictable.  In all fairness. I didn’t see the last twist coming until about a page or two before it hit.

So, mixed feelings, though I did stick with it for all 447 pages.  But if you read more “romance,” than I generally do, and like it in a past-but-relatively-modern time—go for it.  Pick up a copy of The Orchid House by Lucinda Riley (be sure it’s hers, as there are several others with the same or very similar titles).

See you day-after-tomorrow for “Monday Moans

P.S.  Writers: did you know?  Titles cannot be copyrighted.  That’s why several books may have the same or very similar titles.  Still, I wouldn’t recommend calling your new tome “Harry Potter and the Sword of Damocles” or anything.



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2 responses to “Saturday’s Softcover: The Orchid House by Lucinda Riley

  1. I was curious about The Orchid House. Glad to read your review.

  2. Thanks, “petticoatgrandma”—I hope it helps!

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