Monday Moans: There’Snow Business Like Snow Business!

Easy as A, B, C . . . from BB

Ya know what gets my goat? . . . . . WINTER
I spent my early years living in Hawaii
I’d go barefoot even now, inside or outside, all the time . . . but it’s WINTER
I can’t wear my otherwise ubiquitous Birkenstock sandals all the time
If the snow is deeper than my sandal sole, I have to wear socks
If the snow is deeper still, I have to wear my running shoes AND socks
Most people seem to think I should wear a coat . . . only because it’s WINTER
I hate coats—they’re bulky and uncomfortable
Especially if I’m driving
Most years, I don’t even own a coat
I may carry an old beat-up one in the trunk of the car for emergencies
WINTER is not a sufficient emergency
Getting my hands into snow makes my elbows ache—fiercely!
And, no, it’s not because of my age or arthritis (though I have both)
My elbows ached, fiercely, even when I was a kid in Hawaii eating “shave ice”
BUT . . .
You know what makes up for WINTER?
How pretty Christmas Eve looked outside my sun room at night
Flocks of birds—robins, starlings, some strange, new, greenish specie this year
They come eat my frozen apple? berry? whatever? fruit, the red polka-dots in my snow-covered tree right in front of my office window
Surrounded by dozens, occasionally even hundreds, of fluttering wings
Which can also be seen from the side windows in my sun-room.

I guess WINTER isn’t all that bad.

See you day-after-tomorrow for Wednesday WIPs



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3 responses to “Monday Moans: There’Snow Business Like Snow Business!

  1. Yes it is! We DO hate winter, Bren!! I will hate it right along with you forever! (but WOW on the whole bird Christmas thing. Pure magic) Hate snow and cold! :0)

  2. Yeah—and it’s snowing AGAIN. Oh, well . . . here’s wishing all y’all a very Happy Hogmanay (and, for Amy, I KNOW you have a tall, dark “stranger” in your life . . . that bodes well for this particular holiday!)

  3. benschwensch

    Yeah—what you said!

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