Friday Friends: The Tumble Tree

Easy as A, B, C . . . from CC
Christmas Season 1978…

Newly married…two months in, away from family––in the college town of Price, Utah, two teenagers looking to live on love are preparing their first Christmas together as a family. The car wrecked and parked leaves the groom walking to and from work at the radio station. With his late night shift over, Justin starts his five-mile-walk home with the stars and moon to light his way. He follows the train tracks to keep out of the deepest snow, listening to the crunch beneath his footsteps. Then he sees the most beautiful thing: growing alongside the tracks, as if to defy the speeding trains, is a perfect four-foot tumble weed reaching to the sky, tall and proud, in the most beautiful Christmas tree shape. The frost on its limbs glisten in the moonlight. Justin picks it up with care and carries it home to surprise his bride. With no money for such whimsical things as a tree, she welcomes the tumble weed, sprays it with white flocking and hangs cut pieces of tinfoil and paper ornaments to celebrate their wonderful but humble beginnings and the birth of the Christ Child, Jesus.


Now we find and flock a tumble weed each year, to remind us of times past when we didn’t have as much. Through the years, it has given us the pleasure and tradition to teach our thirteen children what Christmas is all about. We adorn the Tumble Tree with handmade ornaments and bows, decorating it with love.

We hope you all find your own tumble weed to adorn your holidays and carry on traditions with love and tenderness. Merry Christmas, and may your families enjoy happiness, health and joy: all your hearts can hold in the New Year.

Christmas Season 2012.

See you day-after-tomorrow for Sunday Snippets.



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4 responses to “Friday Friends: The Tumble Tree

  1. So awesome. I am assuming this is Justin and Carrie? Sounds VERY like them…and every other amazing, inspiring aspect of them.

  2. benschwensch

    Couldn’t agree more !

  3. Great post I loved the imagery. I’m wondering if you all can’t sign your name under your posts? I’m always curious who is writing. Thanks! Maren

  4. Thanks for caring. Look at the initials after “Easy as A, B, C . . . from_____” Still confused? Check out our first blog in mid-November. 😀

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