Monday Moans: Utah – Connection to Connecticut

EASY AS A, B, C . . . from BB

In my Monday Moans of 12/03/2012, I mentioned Rodney King’s quote “Can’t we all just get along?” It was never truer than today in the aftermath of the tragic events of Friday.

Emilie Parker, a six-year-old victim of Friday’s unimaginable tragedy, was originally from Ogden, UT. Her family moved to the then quiet town of Newtown just eight months ago.

I wanted to share a few, small, bright spots of solace by quoting from Sunday’s Salt Lake Tribune:

“. . . Emilie made sure to be a comfort to anyone feeling sad . . . ”

“[Emilie, a bright and sunny six-year-old in the Sandy Hook Elementary School] delighted in teaching [her siblings, ages 3 and 4] to read, dance and find the simple joys in life.”

Bishop Brian Joy said, “When someone would be crying, she would always be there trying to make everything better . . . ”

Brad Schultz, a close friend, said she “was . . . smart, well spoken and had a ‘contagious smile.’”

“[Robbie Parker, Emilie’s father] expressed no animosity [and] said he was not mad . . . ”

“To Lanza’s family, [Parker] said, ‘I can’t imagine how hard this experience must be for you.’”

“As the deep pain begins to settle into our hearts . . . we find comfort reflecting on the incredible person Emilie was and how many people she was able to touch in her short time here on Earth.”

[Donations may be made to the Emilie Parker Fund through American First Credit Union, including through the online service PayPal Instructions can be found at].

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2 responses to “Monday Moans: Utah – Connection to Connecticut

  1. Let’s continue with these examples by spreading love and healing. Light and darkness cannot occupy the same space. Beautifully put, Herb.

  2. benschwensch

    Thanks for your comments—yes, we ALL need to come together and heal!

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