Wednesday’s WIPs: I have WIPs—and I AM NOT afraid to use ‘em! HA

Around 13 years ago, the thought “I first saw her in 1692” popped into my head. I was driving on an empty stretch of country road in Texas. I had no idea where it came from. Didn’t then; don’t now.

A few months later, I thought about the date. Why 1692? What was significant? How about the Salem Witch Trials? Yep. Hmmm… a story about a witch? No, too many witch stories. How about a poor innocent guy that gets pulled into a witch’s life? Hmmm… with a twist here and there, maybe so. Thus was born A Hint of Forever.

Thirteen years later, it’s 138 pages long, 70+ of those pages having been written in this past NaNoWriMo. It was a work left fallow for a dozen years and is now a WIP.

The story has changed considerably in the last several years; no—that’s not right—the story has changed considerably in the last several months. The first 30 pages were introduced to the first critique group in May of this year. During that same week, those 30 pages were read by a couple of published authors and an editor.

The critique group and authors had some helpful suggestions, and, overall, loved the story. The editor wants to see it when it’s done.

I thought the editor let me down gently with her “when it’s done” comment. Carol Lynch Williams, well known Utah author and head of Writers and Illustrators for Young Readers (WIFYR told me, very sternly, that editors “…looked for reasons to say NO. If she wants it when it’s finished, then finish it and get it to her!”

Heady stuff at the least. The story has grown and changed, taken on a life of its own at times. I can hardly wait to see what happens next.

See you day-after-tomorrow for Friday with Friends



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3 responses to “Wednesday’s WIPs: I have WIPs—and I AM NOT afraid to use ‘em! HA

  1. char4wmfw

    If an editor wants to see it, then by all means get it finished. Put it first before all other of your unfinished works. DOT IT!!!!

  2. I remember reading those first pages, several years ago. In fact, may still have them in a folder. Shall I burn them? 😉 I’m looking forward to reading the finished work, one day!

  3. I second that, Char! Thanks.

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