Monday Moans: What’s with all the vitriol on the heels of the elections?

EASY AS A, B, C . . . from BB

Still ???  And “states” want to secede?  To what purpose?  How would secessionists work that out, creating new government entities, etc.?  And now we’re faced with the “Fiscal Cliff,” and arguing about whether to “let” the economy go off in the ditch?  It brings to mind the Rodney King quote about “Can’t we all just get along?”  The elections are over; the President is who he is.  Ditto the Senators, Representatives, Mayors, School Board members, Dog Catchers, etc., both nationally and state-by- state.  Can’t they just do their jobs?

If we could all extend common courtesy to our fellow beings, don’t you think we have sense enough to figure out a way to take care of our neighbors?  Extend a helping hand within each of the cities in which we live?  Think Big, by helping to solve problems which may affect our individual but united states?  Let our leaders know what we need from them, what we want, and how we intend to help our nation climb out from under financial and social problems which plague us all?

Let’s remember, this is the UNITED States of America, and we’ve been that sovereign nation for more years than you, I or anyone else I know has lived on this earth, so CAN’T we all just . . . get along?

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2 responses to “Monday Moans: What’s with all the vitriol on the heels of the elections?

  1. char4wmfw

    Hear, hear, Brenda!! Not sure this is an appropriate blog for a writers’ blog but I heartily agree with you.

  2. Thanks, Char. I imagine quite a few of our blogs will be “off topic,” as this is a forum for writers, readers and (Mondays, especially), we’ll be soliciting comments about whatever is “bugging” any of us. Besides, maybe some of those rants can be expanded into non-fiction articles/essays—that’s writing too.

    So glad you’re folloiwing us along—thanks, again.

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