Wednesday’s WIPs: Updates on all of our Works in Progress


EASY AS A, B, C . . .from BB

I have WIPs—and I AM afraid to use ‘em!
NaNoWriMo has rules: you’re supposed to start on some new venture. (That’s the National Novel Writing Month— which is drawing all too rapidly to a close!) I had always thought I’d like to write a Fairy Tale, or even a Faerie Tale, at some point. I’ve written fantasies, one mystery, an adult historical and 20 or 30 articles, essays and poems. (They’re all WIPs . . . that means, not yet finished.) But never a Fairy Tale.

In October, with no idea whatsoever about what I’d write in November, I happened across a lovely poem which used maybe dozens of allusions to various tropes from eons of myths, fairy tales and fireside adventures. You know, those delicious little familiars like the witch with a wart; the princess in a tower, or sleeping for 100 years; the evil magician; the commoner who is actually a Prince, and so on.

There were so many, I couldn’t resist the idea of putting them all into one story. It would obviously take a whole book to explore every one of them. A 50,000 word book, to be exact.

NaNo, Day 1: That was my entire idea. I had nothing more. No specific leading character, no bad/evil guy. No idea where the story might lead in terms of a plot. Just a bunch of disjointed tropes which had nothing to do with each other. But I managed to hammer out 1,814 when the daily goal is only 1,667. I was ahead of the game!

NaNo, Day 6: LIFE interfered big time. Surgery time. Flip-flopping nerves time. Recuperating time. That’s what LIFE is for. Besides, I’d already fallen behind after my great start. I couldn’t get a handle on where my story could/would/should go.

NaNo, Day 20: BOY, am I behind with only 10,000 words or so! But, you know what? I haven’t given up. Only 40,000 to go!

That’s what WIPs are all about. A Work in Progress  is a work IN progress— I now love my story. My main character is feisty and funny. She isn’t what she seems to be (there’s a trope for you!). Her three older sisters are, by turns, mean, controlling, sweet, child-like, saintly, angry, hurt, needy . . . you know, sisters, but they’re not the Ugly Step-sisters. There’s a “good guy” I thought was only going to be a servant, but maybe . . . and a Prince waiting for her to come into the forest, a scary door-knocker who ran away after knocking on a door with her nose, lots of wild animals and creatures like dragons, wolves, a silver fish, an important bird who will talk to her once she eats the pomegranate seed, and I don’t know WHAT else.

But it’s very exciting. And thrilling. And exasperating. And frustrating. And slow. And, sometimes, so fast my fingers can’t keep up. And that’s what it’s like to have a WIP.

And I need to stop being afraid to use it.

See you day-after-tomorrow for Friday Friends . . . and I’ll have more done on my WIP!



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2 responses to “Wednesday’s WIPs: Updates on all of our Works in Progress

  1. Good blog, Brenda. But do get busy and finish those books and stories.

  2. benschwensch

    Actually I was late seeing your reply (thanks for commenting here) but I was WORKING on my NaNo Novel, or I’d have answered earlier! 🙂 BB

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