Monday Moans: General gripes—what gets your goat?

EASY AS A, B, C . . . from CC

Halloween, then Christmas? What’s With That ? ? ?
Okay, I had a question posed to me by my thirteen-year-old son. I’m sure we have all thought at one time or another why do the stores take all the Halloween candy off the shelves and put Christmas candy up the next day? Where’s the thought of Thanksgiving and family?

He loves the Thanksgiving holiday and looks forward to the family gathering together to enjoy each others’ company, as well as the long anticipated meal that comes with it. His older brother describes Thanksgiving as “Christmas without the commercialism.” A festive day without the stress of having to purchase expensive gifts for everyone.

I understand Christmas is a very important holiday and it will get here in no time. Before it does, take some time to count your blessings, visit with your families and enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.

Share some of your Thanksgiving traditions—how will you celebrate the day?

See you day-after-tomorrow for Wednesday’s WIPS


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