Thursday’s 13: 13 random, short thoughts or ideas

EASY AS A, B, C . . . from BB

1. It’s so “right” to start a blog during Nov.—National Novel Writing Month
2. What else can distract from writing as easily? (Actually surgery can. So I’m half-way through the month with only 3,221 words . . . but I’m not givin’ up!)
3. The first day of NaNo 2012 I wrote 1,814 words; official goal: 1,667 per day
4. “What’s the National Novel Writing Month??? [NaNoWriMo]”
5. World-wide, free, self-challenge: write 50,000 words in 30 days: November
6. November’s too hard? Try June or August; join Camp at
7. You “win” by making 50K before midnight, Nov. 30 (or June or August)
8. I did NOT win my first 3 years—didn’t even post my totals
9. Stupid: they post how many total words are written at the end, winners or not
10. It is ASTOUNDING ! ! ! So, the next 3 years I “won” ! ! !
11. (but only by writing 25-35K from Thanksgiving to midnight on the 30th)
12. Last year, I lost again. But I’m trying anyway . . . and I WANT to WIN!
13. Even though I got cancer again; surgery zapped it Nov. 6! I want my 50K!

FOR A FUN TIME, go to and sign up . . . or just read their fun, funny messages, look at the fun and crazy products which are available, read their astonishing history. IF you join, look for BenschWensch and sign on as one of my Writing Buddies.

See you day-after-tomorrow for “Saturday’s Softcover”


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