Welcome to The ABC Writers Guild

We are launching our new blog and would like to give you a little information about it and about us.

  • We’ll be posting blogs every other day on a variety of topics:
    If you have something fun or funny you’d like to share, send us a note for Sunday blogs.
    What’s getting your goat? Maybe it got ours already—check us out on Mondays.
    As writers/critiquers/editors, we’re sharing information, hints and helps about writing.
    Have a question? Ask “The Teacher”; see answers on Tuesdays.
    We’ll show you our updates on Works in Progress, if you’ll show us yours—look for us on Wednesdays.
    Thursdays are reserved for random rambling—any topic, in short form.
    We’ll spotlight friends on Fridays through interviews and guest blogs.
    Ready to relax over the weekend? We’ll share books you might enjoy on Saturdays.
    And we’re starting this schedule . . . NOW!

Sunday’s Snippets           Mini-essays, quotes ’n’ jokes, puns ’n’ fun
Monday Moans               General gripes—what gets your goat?
Tuesday’s Tutor              Writing tips and answers from The Teacher
Wednesday’s WIPs        Updates on all of our Works in Progress
Thursday’s 13                  13 random short thoughts or ideas
Friday Friends                Author interviews and guest blogs
Saturday’s Softcover     Book reviews: what we’re reading, old or new

Who are we?

Arnold, Herb               writer, retired Navy Chief, computer Guru, reader, father, grandfather, great-grandfather (and even greater husband!)


Bensch, Brenda           writer, The Teacher, editor, actor, director, wife, mother, grandmother, sometime knitter and embroidery aficionado

Bartlett, Aubree          writer, voracious reader, wife, mother, craftsperson


Cole, Carrie                   writer, artist, wife, mother, mother, mother, mamm, mom, mama, mommy, MOTHer! moTHER! mum, mummy, ma, craftsperson, grandma, grammy, hobbyist

Cole, Justin                   writer, business owner, husband, father, dad, pa, poppa, pops….well, you get it (14times), grandfather, Gentleman Farmer

 See you day-after-tomorrow for Thursday’s 13!



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2 responses to “Welcome to The ABC Writers Guild

  1. Maren

    What a great blog I can’t wait to see what you all do with it. I have some questions for the teacher!
    1. My story is in third person. For the most part I’d like the story to be from my main characters perspective but is it ever ok to hear someone else’s thoughts or get their pov in the story? Or does it interrupt the flow?

    2. Is there a certain guideline as to how many words are in a chapter? How many words make up a novel? I know nanowrimo is 50,000 but is that standard?
    Hope you don’t mind me filling up your blog with my endless questions. You might have to unfollow me:)

  2. Thanks, Maren, for the good questions – I’ll be answering them on the next
    “Tuesday’s Tutor”

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